We don't all agree on 'the sports'. We certainly don't agree on (and actually consciously avoid discussion of) politics. These topics are covered in the many jokes about what not to bring up at a family dinner. Interesting to me, is that it seems it's easier to list the off-topics, when most families could use a list of what is cleared and stamped 'approved' for topics allowed.

I want to chat about making an effort

to seek joy. I'm no expert.

I'm just asking that you join my quest.

I have down days and even 'scream into a pillow' moments. But I'm noticing when I'm tuned in to seek happier experiences and simple things to celebrate, they are more abundant. Like when you're looking for your buddy in their white car, and all you see are white cars.

When dining out, and there's a table nearby enjoying a tv-sitcom-soundtrack round of laughter so loud that I can't hear my own table-mates talking, I want IN on that excitement! And unless you're a Crabby McGrumpy-Pants, I know you want to join the fun too. It's human nature. Like having to wash our hands after touching a sticky serving spoon. (Just the thought of that made me go wash my hands).

At work, or enjoying a social event, a group across the room is sharing a laugh. Now we want to know "What's so funny?". Truth bomb; I've invited people around me to laugh loudly on the count of 3 to make the other group jealous. This has improved my life. (Not really, but it was superbly fun in the moment).

On the best days, we include others in on the joy. In that moment, we share the rush of endorphins, lowering blood pressure, and we can count it as gym time from working on our Cheeks 'n Guts, a.k.a. smile muscles and tummy toning.

What happens next is pretty neat. If we're at the office, and experience a humor break, we're better to the next customers we serve. It can be a quick shared moment in the hall or refilling water. The shared moment energizes the day, and everyone is back to the business of working - with the bonus of connecting through laughter.

The thing we have in common is seeking out moments where we can simply...

feel good. Humor is a connector.

On social media, for example, are you viewing posts to judge? Or are you scrolling to learn from others and/or be playful? Consider this contagious buzz; what about supporting other's social media posts? It costs nothing to boost a friend's small business with a Like, comment or share. What the heck, go ahead and make a purchase while you're there. I'm certain you can easily recall the friends who have done this for you.

You'll see how this attitude of kindness can spread. Be ready to receive your own support.I've been looking for things to celebrate and laugh about. And by golly, it gets easier every day that I make the effort. Lead by example, and laugh because you can.

LisaDavidOlson; author, speaker, creative coach.