I Quit

I recently saw another article about never giving up, never quitting. “Don’t stop, you’ve got this!” Really?   Maybe you don’t “got this” and maybe this thing is not about keeping on the keeping on.  Yes, the grammar is loose here, to reflect a twang o’ sarcasm. There are actually plenty of things you can quit […]

Creating The Punchlines

Prepping for this year’s local sketch comedy show has, as usual, helped me grow. The cast writes yearlong, and then in mid summer we start choosing the top ideas and the most topical for our city and surrounding area. When is the last time you shared a laugh? Was it a recent lunch break or […]

Yeah, We’re Normal

When considering our truest passion, it’s sharing laughter with others. We’ve broken this month’s column into a “hers and his”. Lisa: Todd and I went out for a relaxing dinner near the river in La Crosse; it was mid-January. At the end of our fabulous meal, the server asked if we wanted dessert. I said, […]